Big Game Hunting Colorado

Big Game Hunting Colorado application process has begun.

In the past week, hunters who previously applied for a big game hunting Colorado received their 2015 Big Game Hunting Colorado Regulation Booklet in the mail. This regulation booklet covers everything a hunter needs to know about hunting Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Moose and Bear in Colorado. For those of you who have not received the hardcopy of the regulations, you can find the brochure online at this link:  

Big Game Hunting Colorado Regulaions

Colorado Big Game Hunting Regulations Manual

If you decide that Colorado is the state where you want to hunt, it is critical to plan now for a fall hunt, especially if you want to apply for a limited hunting license. This one Big Game hunting in Colorado Brochure contains all of the information needed to apply for a limited license (a license which is limited in number which is issued through the drawing process) and all information needed to buy an over-the counter license (a license that may be purchased at a license agent with most being unlimited in number).

There are two important things to remember if you plan to big game hunt in Colorado. Number one, if you are applying for a limited big game license, your application must be submitted by midnight, April 7.

Big Game Hunting Colorado Requirements

Colorado Big Game Hunting License Requirements

And number two, ALL HUNTERS, regardless of species to be hunted or method of take (archery, muzzleloading, or firearm), must have proof of hunter safety course certification in order to apply for a license or to hunt any species of wildlife in Colorado. There are no hunter safety course exceptions for youth, military, law enforcement or adults.

Colorado, like all states and Canadian provinces, honor one-another’s hunter safety course certification. Should you need your hunter safety course certification before submitting your April 7 application, there is still plenty of time to complete your online training and acquire your hunter education card. The best was to do this is by completing your hunter safety course online through offers an outstanding, highly effective and affordable online hunter education course using actual photos of the online learning material rather than watercolor illustrations like the competition. At only $13, is the most affordable of all nationally accepted hunter education courses available. Go to to determine whether your state offers Hunter Ed Course online. You may also see whether the states offering have a residency and field day requirement.

Good luck with your big game hunting Colorado and always follow the 4 most important safety rules. Remember the acronym “ACTT”. Assume every firearm is loaded, Control the muzzle of any firearm, keep your finger off the Trigger until ready to fire, and know your Target, and what is behind it.


About Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course is committed to providing a more affordable online hunter safety course than is currently on the market in order to reduce training as a barrier to access for those wanting to start hunting.

Offered at only $13 through the website, access is provided to online hunter education for youth and adults in a medium they are comfortable with and at a price that is affordable and within reach.

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