25 Summer Hunting Ideas to Prepare for Deer Hunting Season

Deer hunting season probably seems light years away, but why not use the time now to prepare for that upcoming fall deer hunt.

Avoid the usual night before the hunt trying to prepare your gear and then never feeling totally together the next morning as you are heading to your stand in the dark.

Start your deer hunt today with these 25 actions that will have you ready for opening day of deer season.


Whitetail Deer Hunting tips.

Summer Preparation for Deer Hunting Season.

Set the Plan for Deer Hunting Season

1.  Set the plan for deer hunting season: where are you going, when are you going and who is going with you?

2.  If you have new deer hunters, have them complete their hunter safety course. A new hunter can now complete the hunter education requirement with online hunter education as available from www.HunterEdCourse.com.

3.  If you are an experienced hunter, find that hunter education card now so you have it on opening day of deer season.

4.  Pre-buy your deer-hunting license.

5.  Read and review this year’s hunting laws and regulations.

Check Your Gear

6.  Gather all your gear and decide what needs replacing for this season’s deer hunt.

7.  Check out the major web sites to learn what gear is new this year that may help you harvest that big Buck.

8.  Visit your favorite outdoor retailer to look at the latest gear.

9.  Replace all damaged or worn gear and clothing.

10 Troll the Internet for the latest deer hunting tips.

11.Buy your ammunition now. Popular deer hunting ammunition should be available, but with the shortages of year’s past, don’t risk it, buy now.

12. Replace blades on broadheads if you are a deer bow hunter.

13. Check arrows for damage.

14. Put on your deer hunting camouflage and check to be sure it fits.

15. If you buy new hunting clothing, wear and break it in before opening day of deer hunting season.

Scout the Hunting Field

16. Start knocking on doors of landowners to see if you can hunt on their property.

17. Start scouting your deer hunting area now, whether it is your own property, public or property that you have permission to hunt.

18. If you have a landowner that says yes, be sure to send a thank you letter and perhaps a small thank you gift.

19. Look for the trails and scat to understand the movements.

20. Consider various placements for your deer stand.

21. Put out cameras to start seeing what the deer look like in the area.

Start Practicing

Sighting in your deer rifle for deer hunting season.

Practice with your deer rifle for deer hunting season.

22. Go to the range and start pulling the trigger or bowstring.

23. Check the sighting on your rifle and/or bow.

24. Sharpen your hunting knives.

25. Watch a few deer hunting shows on your favorite outdoor channel to see get “pumped-up” for the season to start.

According to a recent Field & Stream survey, 26% of deer-hunters spend time in the field to be with friends and family. Include your friends and family in your preparation too, especially if you have young ones in the house. Even if they are not ready to go into the field, now is the time to introduce them to the sport so at the right age they are eager to join you on opening day.

Enjoy the hunt!

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Hunter Ed Course is committed to providing a more affordable online hunter safety course than is currently on the market in order to reduce training as a barrier to access for those wanting to start hunting.

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