Big Game Hunting Application Deadlines

Big Game Hunting Application dates vary by state. The first quarter of the new year is the key time period for Big Game Hunting Application in most western states where you can hunt Moose, Pronghorn, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and other select game.

In most of the western states you must submit a Big Game Hunting Application and acquire preference points to be drawn for a hunting license for select game in the premier select hunting quadrants.

However, if it is elk you are after, then there are eight Western States that offer over-the-counter Elk licenses.

A Big Game Hunting Application will be necessary for most other species. Specific rules and deadlines apply for a resident and non-resident hunter to participate in the Big Game Hunting Application draw.

Arizona Big Game Hunting Application

Arizona big game hunting deadlines

The Big Game Hunting Application deadline has already passed in Arizona for 2015. For specific details for 2015 and 2016 this link will take you to the Arizona Game and Fish department web site with specific details.

California Big Game Hunting Application

A California Big Game Hunter needs to have an annual hunting license as well as a tag to hunt big games species: deer, bear, wild pig, elk, pronghorn antelope and bighorn sheep. Tags are also required to hunt bobcat.

Tags for California big game hunting are provided through a big game drawing. Your Big Game hunting application is available on April 15. For specific information on the draw visit the California Department of Fish & Wildlife web site:

Colorado Big Game Hunting Application

The application process for Colorado big game is rapidly approaching. The deadline is April 7, 2015.

 Colorado Requires Hunter Education for Big Game HuntersColorado big game hunting laws


Unique to Colorado is that anyone born after January 1, 1949 is required to successfully complete a hunter safety course. When applying for a license you will need to submit your hunter education card number. For the complete rules and regulations visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife web site for big game hunting.

An online hunter safety course is a convenient way to complete the certification, especially if you are an experienced hunter. In most states you will complete the classroom portion of the course online and then you will need to attend an Internet Completion Day to demonstrate gun-handling skills and live fire.

Various states now have complete online hunter safety courses that meet the requirements for the Colorado hunter education. A hunter does not need to take hunter education in the state they are hunting as long as the course being completed is IHEA-USA certified. Upon completion of the course, the hunter education card and number is valid in all 50 states and Canadian provinces.

Two states currently offer a complete online hunter safety course that does not require a learner to be a resident: Texas and Oregon. All other states that offer complete online course require that state’s residency.

Idaho Big Game Hunting Application

Idaho also requires hunter education of all big game hunters if they were born after January 1, 1975.

Details on the application process is available at the Idaho web site

Here are some of the key dates:Idaho big game deadline dates


Montana Big Game Hunting Application

Montana offers all the Big Game Species you could want and it is beautiful countryside too. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department has an easy to read web site on the Big Game Hunting Application process:

Here is a quick reference chart on the deadlines and drawing dates.

Montana big game hunting deadlines

Montana Big Game Hunting Application Dates


New Mexico Big Game Hunting Application Dates

New Mexico big game hunting deadlines

The last day to apply for a New Mexico draw license is March 18, 2015. Complete details can be found at

The specific New Mexico Big Game Hunts include deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, oryx, ibex and javelina.




Oregon big game hunting dates

Oregon Big Game Hunting Application Dates

Oregon Big Game Hunting Application Dates

Oregon is one of the few states that offers complete online hunter education certification for residents and non-residents with no field day required: This is a convenient means to acquire the hunter education certification that many states require for big game hunting.

Oregon have their own great Big Game Hunting with varied dates of application. It is best to refer to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife web site for specifics

Utah Big Game Hunting Application Deadline

Utah Big Game Hunting Applications deadline dates have already passed.

Results of the Utah Big Game draws will be available on or before May 30.

For specific information about 2015 or 2016 Big Game hunts visit the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources web site:

Washington Big Game Hunting Application Information

Information on applying for Big Game hunting in Washington can be found at

Wyoming Big Game Hunting Application Information

Wyoming has changed the deadlines for deer and antelope Hunting applications to June 1 for residents and non-residents. The extended deadlines are the result of the move to an online application process.

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