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Aspiring Young Writers Wanted for Outdoor Scholarships

Hunter Education is highly focused on the future of our sport—the youth. However, as every outdoorsperson knows, our sport is about much more than the hunt. It is an adventure into the outdoors; an appreciation of nature, and a love for the unbeaten path. In that pursuit, Safari Club International and the Outdoor Writers Association of America have teamed up to once again present the Norm Strung Youth Writing Awards contests. The 2014 contests allows promising young writers and poets to showcase their skills and win cash prizes totaling $1,700.

A Hunter Safety Course for Cold Weather

The winter of 2014 has challenged hunters with gaining new skills for how to hunt in such cold weather. Every state in the country from as far south as Texas and Alabama to as far north as Michigan have had record cold which requires special hunter safety training to have a successful cold weather hunt. Here are five tips for a safe cold weather hunt.

Hunters Safety Course Certifies over 5,000 Hunters

Hunter Ed Course introduced a new hunters safety course in September 2013 and in the first four months over 5,000 new hunters have been certified in hunter safety.

Hunter Ed Course is priced at $13, almost half the cost of the other online hunter education options. Hunters are realizing that when reviewing the online hunter education course offerings, that a $13 purchase of Hunter Ed Course can provide them significant savings that can be used towards the purchase of their first hunting license or ammunition for their first hunt.