Deer Hunters – Join the New National Deer Alliance

The new National Deer Alliance for Deer Hunters was announced at the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) National Convention, attended by online hunter education company, Hunter Ed Course.

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) will be to serve as the unified voice of the deer hunter through engagement, fellowship and education.

Deer Hunters united through National Deer Alliance

National Deer Alliance for Deer Hunters

Membership in the National Deer Alliance is free in order for the organization to gain momentum and to have broad appeal. Sign up is at

There are two key benefits for deer hunters to join:

  1. Regular updates on key deer issues in North America that will affect the deer hunter.
  2. National Deer Alliance members will have the opportunity to have their voice heard regarding issues about deer and deer hunting.

Deer hunting drives the sport of hunting but yet less than one percent of deer hunters belong to a national conservation organization dedicated to the protection of deer and the deer-hunting heritage.

National Deer Alliance membership will be free in order to create the largest possible membership base.   NDA wants every deer hunter in North America to become the advocates for deer and deer hunting through their participation in NDA.

To become involved, simply sign up for National Deer Alliance’s outreach network (name, email address and zip code) and then get ready to become informed and engaged. As National Deer Alliance expands, members will be notified as to how to participate.

Deer hunters can sign up at

Deer Hunters Web Site

Deer Hunter Sign-up Web Site

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