Michigan Deer Hunting License Requirements

The Michigan Deer hunting license structure changed in 2014. Here is a summary of the Michigan deer hunting licenses available.

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Michigan Single Deer License

The single deer license applies for archery, firearm and muzzleloader seasons. This new Michigan deer hunting license replaces the separate archery and firearm licenses. It is important to note that hunters who buy a single Michigan deer hunting license may not buy a second license or the deer combo license.

Michigan Deer Combo License

The Michigan deer combo license includes two tags, one for a regular harvest and one for a restricted harvest. This is the license for the Michigan deer hunter to purchase if they want two deer licenses. The deer combo license can be used during archery, firearm and muzzleloader seasons. The hunter can also use the both tags during the firearm seasons or in the archery season or one in each season.

Michigan Antlerless Deer License

The Michigan Antlerless Deer License is available based on license quotas set for each Deer Management Unit (DMU). To see how the single deer and deer combo licenses may be used in each deer season, based on which DMU a hunter wishes to hunt, see the Antler Point Restriction Regulations map and chart on pages 32 and 33 of the 2015 Hunting and Trapping Digest.

In addition to the specific Michigan deer hunting license, a base Michigan hunting license is required for all hunters. The Michigan base hunting license provides funding for habitat and conservation work on both public and private land and supports the work of conservation officers and field staff to ensure safe, legal hunting practices are followed.

The Michigan base hunting license includes small game hunting.

More information about Michigan’s hunting license structure – including license prices, frequently asked questions and details about how license dollars will be invested – is available at www.michigan.gov/dnr under “In the Know.”

For more details about hunting seasons, licenses and regulations, see the Hunting and Trapping Digest and Antlerless Deer Digest.

Completion of a Michigan hunter safety course is required if the hunter was burn after January 1, 1960 if you want to purchase any Michigan hunting license.

HunterEdCourse.com is an official Michigan online hunter safety course. Priced at $17.99, it is the most affordable Michigan approved online hunter safety course. Hunter Ed Course features comparable content, animations and illustrations of the more expensive options. In addition, Hunter Ed Course offers photos and narration that matches the written word.

The Hunter Ed Course Michigan online hunter safety course can be purchased at HunterEdCourse.com/state/Michigan.


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