Deer Hunting Safety Tips

Deer Hunting Safety Tips couldn’t be timelier as we enter the weekend when a lot of the big deer hunting Midwestern states see opening day for firearms deer hunting season.

Hunter Ed Course provides in-depth hunter safety learning in its online hunter education course but here are 10 deer hunting safety tips to use as a refresher for this weekend.deer hunting tips for safety

  • Assume every gun is loaded.
  • Control the muzzle – point guns in a safe direction.
  • Trigger finger – keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  • Target – be sure of your target and what lies beyond.
  • Plan the hunt, hunt the plan – be sure someone has your hunting plan so they know where you are hunting and when you will be returning. A detailed hunt plan helps to ensure deer hunting safety.
  • Ammunition – be sure to check the barrel stamp for the proper ammunition for the firearm that you will be using.
  • Sighting in the Gun – Spend time at the range to sight in your gun. You want to be sure that you can harvest your deer with one clean shot.
  • Treestand safety – always use a full body safety harness when climbing up or down the treestand or while sitting or standing in the treestand. Treestand hunting accidents are the number one cause of injury for deer hunters.
  • Approach with Care – Once you have tracked and found your downed deer, approach it with care. It may still be alive and can present a danger if you spook it.
  • Field dress your harvest immediately – It is important to field dress the harvested animal as soon as possible so the meat cools down and limits spoilage.

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