Dove Hunting Opening Day Preparation Tips

Dove Hunting Opening Day is September 1 in most states so this weekend is the ideal time to get ready for that first day in the dove field. 10 Hunter Safety Course tips for dove hunting

Here are three tips to prepare you for Dove Hunting Opening Day.

Be LegalReview this year’s laws and regulations. Even if you have been in the field for dove hunting opening day for years, check the regulations for any new laws. Next, buy your hunting license now. Don’t wait till the last minute. And, be aware that any new hunters will be required to have hunter education certification in most states. You can check our web site for the requirements in your state. Hunter Ed Course offers the most affordable nationally recognized online hunter safety course at only $13. The course features the Easy Learning System™ that provides quick easy learning with narration that matches the written word, photo illustrations and interactive animations.

Be Ready – Now, before dove hunting opening day, is the time to check your shotgun and other gear for safe, proper operation. Checking your shotgun includes is the action operating properly, is lubrication needed and do I have the proper ammunition and enough of it for the day in the field. Beyond the shotgun, check the weather to be sure your clothing for the day will be up to the job. Dove hunting opening day in September can bring a warm day or the start of the coolness of autumn depending on the part of the country you are in. Be prepared.

Be Safe – Review the rules of safety with your entire hunting party. Dove hunting opening day is the traditional start of hunting season after the lull of summer so everyone is a little anxious in the field and might not be as calm when the first doves fly overhead. Don’t let an accident ruin the day. Review the “safe zone of fire” so all hunters are properly placed throughout the field. And, remind all hunters of the basic firearm rules – ACTT.

  • Assume every gun is loaded
  • Control the muzzle; keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction
  • Trigger – keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot
  • Target – be sure of your target and what lies beyond.

Enjoy dove hunting opening day and be safe.

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