Dove Hunting Virginia Available for New Hunters

The season for Dove Hunting Virginia has been extended during the 2014/2015 Virginia hunting season from 70 to 90 days. Right now Virginia hunters are able to be  Dove Hunting Virginia is available in a season that opened December 27, 2014 and goes through January 15, 2015. (1/2 hour before sunset until sunset)

If one of your hunting party requires their Virginia hunter safety course, Virginia hunter education certification is available with the full online hunter safety course for Virginia residents who are 18 years of age or older. The Virginia hunter safety course will qualify a new hunter to legally hunt during the Virginia Dove Hunting season that is now underway.

A Hunter Safety Course Online Virginia is only $13 from Hunter Ed Course. It is the lowest price Virginia online hunter education option. The course can be purchased at

A new hunter can take the course now and then hunt immediately after passing and purchasing their Virginia hunting license. Getting in the field for the Dove hunting Virginia season couldn’t be easier.

Upon completion of the Virginia online hunter safety course the new hunter prints their Virginia hunter education card right from their computer. Their data is then provided to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fish to qualify for the legal Virginia hunter education requirement.

A key lesson taught in online hunter safety Virginia is to always wear blaze orange for safety.Dove hunting Virginia is one of the exceptions for the hunter orange safety requirement.

The bag limit for the Dove hunting Virginia season is 15 per day, with 45 in one’s possession. This bag limit is composed of mourning doves and white-winged doves, singly or in combination.

Dove Hunting Virgina is permitted within the boundaries of these Virginia Wildlife Management Areas:

  • Amelia
  • Briery Creek
  • Cavalier
  • Chickahominy
  • Clinch Mountain
  • Crooked Creek
  • Dick Cross
  • Fairystone
  • Featherfin
  • Gathright
  • Goshen
  • Hardware River
  • Highland
  • Hog Island (Carlisle Tract only)
  • Horsepen
  • James River
  • Little North Mountain
  • Mattaponi
  • Pettigrew
  • C.F. Phelps
  • Powhatan
  • Rapidan
  • Thompson
  • White Oak Mountain

Sunday hunting of migratory game birds, including Doves is now legal where written permission has been obtained from the landowner. Sunday hunting is not allowed in WMAs.

About Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course is committed to providing a more affordable Virginia online hunter safety course than is currently on the market in order to reduce training as a barrier to access for those wanting to start hunting.

Offered at only $13 through the website, access is provided to online hunter education for youth and adults in a medium they are comfortable with and at a price that is affordable and within reach.


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