I passed my online hunter safety training, now what?

Field/Skills Day:  Most states require a graduate of the online hunter education course to attend a field day to demonstrate firearms handling skills. The only exceptions are the states that offer a full online course with no field day required – Texas and Virginia.

How to sign up:  If you go to the Hunter Ed Course state page within this site, you will find a link to register for a field day in your state.  Or, contact your State’s Fish and Game Agency to register.

What do I take to the hunter field day:  Take your Completion Certificate and check with your state to see what additional material or items you will need to provide.

Who is required to take hunter education?

Requirements: Each state has a specific regulation for who is required to take the course.  To be sure you are legal while hunting, check with your state’s fish and game agency.  Guidelines are also published on state pages within this site.

Minimum age: To meet state required hunter education training to be a legal and safe hunter, you should check with your state’s fish and game agency.  Guidelines are also published on Hunter Ed Course state pages within this site.

How long does it take to complete the online Hunter Ed Course Training?

Length of Course:  It will take between 4 1/2 – 6 hours to complete the course, chapter quizzes and final exam. This is state mandated so all the offerings will be of similar length.

Take When and Where You Want:  As long as there is an Internet connection you can study and earn your hunter education required classroom training when and where you want.

Study When You Have the Time:  You don’t have to complete the course all at once; study when you have the time.  You can start the course today and then come back tomorrow, or whenever it is convenient for you to complete the course and earn your hunter education certificate.

Review as Often as You Want:  Use the course as a hunter safety reference tool.

How much does Hunter Ed Course cost?

Price:  The price for Hunter Ed Course online hunter education is $13.  In Texas there is an additional TPWD fee of $5 for the Complete Certification Hunter Education Course.

Comparison to Other Offerings:  In most states, Hunter Ed Course is almost half the cost of the other narrated online offerings from Hunter Ed ($24.50) and Hunter Course ($24.95).  These prices may vary in some states.

How do I pay for Hunter Ed Course?

Credit Card or PayPal:  A major US Payment Company processes all payment information on their secure server. Payment information is not shared.

Credit Card Statement:  The charge on your credit card will either be Hunter Ed or Hunter Ed Course.

How do I earn my hunter education card?

Earning Your Permanent Card:  Complete the online hunter safety classroom training with Hunter Ed Course and then print your certificate. If the state requires a field/skills day, present your certificate to your instructor to complete the field/skills training, and earn your permanent card. Texas and Virginia have courses that do not require a field day and you will print a temporary card after course completion.

Carrying the card:  Most states require you to present your hunter education card to purchase a license, and carry your card while hunting. Check local regulations to be sure.

Do I need to take hunter education in each state where I plan on hunting?

No, a hunter education card issued by your state after completing Hunter Ed Course is accepted in all states and Canadian provinces.

I didn't pass the exam, now what?

Re-taking the Exam:  You can re-take the quizzes and exam if you don’t pass.  Just go back and study the material and then take the exam again.

80% Score to Pass:  In most states you need to receive a correct score of 80% or better to pass the exam and earn your hunter education completion certificate.  Several states vary and are noted in the specific state pages.

Completion Certificate:  Upon completing the online course and passing the chapter quizzes and final exam you will be able to print a Hunter education completion certificate that you will take the Field Day to demonstrate classroom completion. If you have taken the Texas or Virginia full online courses, you will print your hunter education card.

Do I need to take hunter education every year?

Only Once in Your Life:  You only need to take hunter safety training once in your life. If you lose your card, your state should have a record of your course completion.

Can I buy my hunting license after completing hunter education?

Buying Your License:  Once the state certifies that you have completed your hunter education requirements, you may purchase your hunting license.

I know the material, can I just take the final exam?

Complete Study Required:  Even though you may be very knowledgeable about hunting safety and can pass the exam, you must study the entire course and complete each chapter quiz and final exam. This is a state legal requirement.

Why won't my certificate print?

Study All Content:  The primary reason that your certificate won’t print is that you did not complete a section of the course.  You must view all chapters and take all quizzes and pass the exam with a score of 80% or better for your Hunter Education Completion Certificate to print.

How do I contact Hunter Ed Course?

Hunter Ed Course
630 W. Frank St.
Birmingham, MI 48009

Office hours are 8:00 am – 7:00 pm Eastern M-F, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm weekends.

Toll free:  855 901-4600 or email info@HunterEdCourse.com