Handmade Turkey Calls from Michigan

Handmade turkey calls from Cymcraft in Michigan is one of the new specialized turkey calls available for calling in that Tom Turkey this Spring Turkey hunting season.

Handmade turkey calls crafted in Michigan

Cymcraft turkey call crafted in Michigan

Cymcraft is a new entrant we discovered for handmade turkey calls.  The Cymcraft Thunder Box Call is constructed from the finest hand-selected Michigan hard woods and is tuned with great care. The base is made from Sassafras complimented with a Black Walnut paddle and end blocks. The sides are laminated Sassafras and Black Walnut.  The Thunder Box Call features a “Chalk Dugout” and “Silencer Plug” which keeps the call quiet when walking.  All Cymcraft turkey calls are made in Michigan.

Each call is personally signed and numbered by the craftsman, Bill Cymbal with the crafted date noted.

As described by Cymcraft, their handmade turkey calls are heirloom quality gear for the discriminating sportsman since 1941.

Handmade turkey calls Michigan made

Cymcraft handmade turkey calls include the story of the craftsmanship

For new hunters completing their hunter safety course, turkey hunting is an ideal first hunt.  It is an exciting hunt that requires the hunter to “hunt”.  To be successful as a new turkey hunter keep in mind the key learning points from your online hunter safety course:

  • Safety first – Remember ACCT from your hunter safety course
  • Scout your hunting land and identify where the turkeys are
  • Prepare with the right gear, including full camouflage and a good turkey call like one of these handmade turkey calls from Cymcraft

A great element of turkey hunting is that it is usually a social event since it usually requires two of you to hunt turkey successfully.  One needs to call the turkey into range with a turkey call while the other hunter takes aim on harvesting the turkey with either a shotgun or bow.  Several states allow rifle hunting of turkeys, but the usual firearm used is a shotgun.  This requires good scouting to know where the turkeys will be, setting up properly and then having a good turkey call and caller to bring the turkey within range.  This is the advantage of handmade turkey calls, they provide a unique call successful in attracting the Tom Turkey the hunter desires.

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