Hunter Ed Course Highlights from NRA Annual Meeting

Online Hunter Education Company, Hunter Ed Course CEO, Jim Moore attended the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting held in Indianapolis over this past weekend (April 25-April 27, 2014).  Jim was invited by the NRA to attend their by-invitation only Corporate Luncheon and the Hunters’ Leadership Luncheon.    The Corporate Luncheon features the leaders of the outdoor industry from such Remington, Beretta, Mossberg, Bushmaster, ATK, Hornady and any other manufacturing leader in the industry.

Hunter Ed Course was the sole online hunter education invited and in attendance at both NRA events.

As you would expect key NRA leaders were also in attendance at both of these events, including Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Tyler Schropp, Kyle Weaver and Wayne Sheets.  Jim had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Wayne LaPierre, Wayne Sheets and Kyle Weaver of the NRA, to discuss online hunter education.

As Kyle Weaver who is responsible for training at the NRA says: “Companies such as Hunter Ed Course do such a good job with hunter education, the NRA will leave that training to Hunter Ed Course.”

In between the meetings and private luncheons, Hunter Ed Course was able to walk the show, described as nine acres of guns and gear.

What a great exhibit it was. Over 75,000 members attended the event to see the latest and greatest from the manufacturers.

The exhibit featured traditional hunting rifles such as Dakota Arms

Modern Sporting Rifles such as DPMS Panther Arms to Safe Manufacturers

Fun exhibits included headlight mounted machine guns in a custom truck.

Of course there were plenty of celebrities and models on the show floor. Gunny with Glock had greater lines than a voluptuous model. Who would have thought?

Many exhibits had hunter safety as a focus. These unique hunter orange water bottles tout themselves as “NeverLost.”

I loved the Nature Blinds offered as a stalking model, single or multiple hunter models.

Ready Shot was a cool laser shooting target system costing about $225. Practice for the Zombie invasion.

The Outfitters had a tremendous selection of taxidermy on exhibit.

And, there were political messages on display as well.

About Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course is committed to providing a more affordable online hunter safety course than is currently on the market in order to reduce training as a barrier to access for those wanting to start hunting.

Offered at only $13 through the website, access is provided to training for youth and adults in a medium they are comfortable with and at a price that is affordable and within reach.

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