Hunter Ed Course Invited to NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum

The NRA launched a new initiative at the NRA Annual Meeting to create awareness of NRA active involvement in hunting. The program started with the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Luncheon that included 170 influential individuals involved in hunting.

Jim Moore, Founder and CEO of the leading online hunter education company, Hunter Ed Course, attended the luncheon. Hunter Ed Course was the only online hunter education company in attendance.

Hunter Ed Course has the newest offering of a hunter safety course and is gaining the attention of Industry leaders and organizations such as the NRA and state fish and game agencies.

Wayne Sheets, Executive Director of the NRA Foundation and George Kollitides, CEO of Remington Outdoor hosted the event. The luncheon featured many significant hunters and leaders who spoke, including, Wayne LaPierre, Executive Director of the NRA, James Porter, President of the NRA, former Arkansas Congressman and Candidate for Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchison and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

The NRA is known for defending the Second Amendment, but the fifth objective of the NRA mission is all about hunting and hunter safety:

“To promote hunter safety, and to promote and defend hunting

as a shooting sport and as a viable and necessary method of

fostering the propagation,   growth and conservation, and wise

use of our renewable wildlife resources.”

The luncheon was used to launch the new NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum that is dedicated to the enrichment and growth of the NRA’s mission to promote and defend hunting. The Forum’s membership brings together dedicated hunters who have distinguished themselves as leaders in their professions and in the field.

There will be two levels of membership: 1) The President’s Founders Club and 2) Forum Members.   The NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum President’s Founders Club members is a group of 100 distinguished leaders dedicated to the future of hunting in America and the world. Forum members are hunters who are members of the at-large Hunters’ Leadership Forum.

Hunter Ed Course will be one of the early supporters of the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum.

If you want to participate in this great initiative, you can contact Wayne Sheets, Executive Director of the NRA Foundation.

About Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course is committed to providing a more affordable online hunter safety course than is currently on the market in order to reduce training as a barrier to access for those wanting to start hunting.

Offered at only $13 through the website, access is provided to online hunter education for youth and adults in a medium they are comfortable with and at a price that is affordable and within reach.


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