Kentucky Hunter Education with a Turkey Hunter Safety Course

Proper hunter education is the number one way to ensure hunter safety as Kentucky turkey hunters prepare to head to the fields for the opening day of turkey hunting season.  Since camouflage clothing is almost mandatory, extra safety precautions are needed as you go after that big gobbler.  You don’t want to be invisible to other hunters too.

Here are five tips as a short hunter safety course from Hunter Ed Course.

1.  Remember ACTT from your online hunter education.

    • Assume every gun is loaded.
    • Control the muzzle.
    • Trigger finger:  keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
    • Target:  be sure of your target and what lies beyond.

2.  Avoid red, white, blue and black in clothing and equipment.

    • A tom turkey’s head has similar colors; don’t have yourself confused for a Tom Turkey

3.  Choose a safe hunting location carefully.

    • Sit with your back against a tree trunk, log or boulder.  You’ll want your backstop to be wider than your body to protect you from being accidentally struck by pellets from behind you.
    • Review zone of fire from your hunter safety course that you took for hunter education.

4.  Wear hunter orange while setting up and leaving your hunting location.

    • While moving around to setting up your location, it is suggested to wear hunter orange so another hunter is not confused into thinking it is a turkey moving around.
    • It is also recommended that you wrap your turkey in blaze orange as you hike out of the field.

      A hunter safety course is necessary before heading into the turkey hunting field.

      Hunter Education teaches safe hunting practices.

5.  Stay in place.

    • Don’t move around and attract attention of another hunter thinking it is a turkey moving about.
    • Never stalk a gobbling turkey.  Your chances of getting close are poor.
    • Avoid unnecessary movement. You’ll scare away turkeys and may confuse a hunter into thinking you are a turkey.

Before entering the field, coordinate with your hunting buddies to be sure you know where they all are going to set up for complete hunter safety.  Review zone of fire as taught in the hunter safety course you took for the hunter education requirements.

And, be sure you have your Kentucky hunter education card and have met all the Kentucky hunting license requirements, including having an up-to-date Kentucky hunting license.

About Hunter Ed Course

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Hunter Ed Course is a state approved course for:

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