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May turkey hunting is still available in several states across the country. If you have the itch for one last gobbler hunt, grab your gear, book a ticket and hunt one of the states with late May hunting.

Turkeys roam all 50 states in the country as you can see in this Cabela’s infographic published showing which species are in which state.

May Turkey Hunting seasons

Graphic courtesy of Cabela’s

May turkey hunting for each species is still available in various states so you can pursue your turkey “Grand Slam”.

Eastern Turkey Hunting

May turkey hunting for the eastern turkey is still available in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa. A full-grown Tom can reach up to four feet tall and weigh more than 20 pounds.

You have to be quick for Iowa turkey hunting because the 2015 season ends May 17. The limit is one bearded or male wild turkey for each valid license.

Pennsylvania turkey hunting is still available until May 30 with a daily limit of one and a season limit of two.

Wisconsin turkey hunting is valid until May 26. The bag limit is one bearded or male turkey per tag issued.

Osceola Turkey Hunting

Florida turkey hunting provides the unique opportunity to pursue the elusive Osceola turkey that only roams the Florida peninsula. Unfortunately a May turkey hunting season is not available for the Osceola.

Rio Grande Turkey Hunting

Your best bet for May turkey hunting for the Rio turkey is Texas or Kansas. The Rio Grande turkey has feather tips that are buff or tan, compared to the white tips of the Merriam’s turkey.

Texas turkey hunting is available until May 17 so time is short. The advantage for Texas turkey hunting is that the bag limit is four Rio Grande turkeys or three Rio Grande turkeys and one Eastern turkey.

Kansas turkey hunting for the Rio Grande turkey is available until May 31, 2015. The turkey bag limit is one bearded turkey per permit.

Merriam’s Turkey Hunting

A Merriam’s turkey is similar to the eastern turkey. They have a blacker appearance and blue, purple and bronze reflections.

The Merriam’s turkey can still be hunted in South Dakota until May 17. South Dakota turkey hunting allows a bag limit of one bearded or wild male turkey.

Nebraska Turkey Hunting

Nebraska still has May turkey hunting available until May 31, 2015. Nebraska turkey hunting is unique because they have a hybrid turkey. The hybrid turkey was created when Merriam’s turkeys crossed with game-farm stock to create a hybrid turkey unique to Nebraska.

Utah Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting in Utah is unique since it is the only state with Rio Grande turkeys, Merriams turkeys and Hybrids. You can bag one bearded turkey until the end of the season on May 31, 2015.

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Special Thanks to NWTF and Cabela’s for the background and information on the species and hunting seasons.

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