New Duck Hunter Tips for the First Hunt

Whether you are a new duck hunter or an experienced duck hunter, get ready with these duck hunting preparation tips.

New Duck Hunter Tips from Hunter Safety Course

New Duck Hunter waiting for the birds.

1.  Take/Review Hunter Safety Course:

If you are a new duck hunter, be sure to enroll in an online hunter safety course and earn your hunter education card. If you are an experienced hunter, find your hunter education card and understand whether you need to carry the hunter safety card while you hunt or if you just need it to buy the hunting license.

2.  Visit a Shooting Range: Visit a shooting range before duck hunting season starts. We suggest you shoot sporting clays. You will have a variety of clays that will replicate a lot of the duck hunting shots. It is also an ideal place to review your duck hunter safety rules.

3.  Work with the Hunting Dog: It would be good if the hunting dog is familiar with the new duck hunter and vice-a-versa. The duck hunting dog has probably has been lazing around all summer. The new duck hunter should help tune the dog up. Start with basic fetch exercises and then move to more advanced work to prepare the hunting dog to safely and efficiently retrieve downed birds.

4.  Scout Extensively: The number one rule for the new duck hunter is to know the habits of the ducks and the location where you will be hunting them. This requires a new duck hunter to scout the property multiple times to understand the ducks’ movements and locations. Look for evidence such as seeing the ducks at a specific time of day, or investigate a food source that will attract them on a regular basis.

5.  Check Your Duck Hunting Gear: You have time before the hunt, use it to get all your gear out and organize it. Be sure you everything you need: waders, camouflage, duck calls, decoys, guns and chokes. Be sure to check your waders for leaks. You don’t want to have to deal with wet feet during your first duck hunt.

Hunter Safety Course tips for new duck hunter

Mallard Duck in Flight

6.  Review Duck Hunting Regulations: The duck hunting laws and regulations can change year-to-year so be sure to review this season’s regulations for the daily bag and possession limits, shooting hours and hunter education requirements.

7.  Support the Sport: Join Ducks Unlimited or Delta Waterfowl. Both of these organizations do tremendous work to be sure the duck population stays strong for you and future generations.

Most of all insure a safe duck hunt for you and your buddies. A review of your duck hunter safety course available at is a good to start.

About Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course is committed to providing a more affordable online hunter safety course than is currently on the market in order to reduce training as a barrier to access for those wanting to start hunting.

Offered at only $13 through the website, access is provided to online hunter education for youth and adults in a medium they are comfortable with and at a price that is affordable and within reach.


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