Hunters Safety Course Certifies over 5,000 Hunters

Hunter Ed Course introduced a new hunters safety course in September 2013 and in the first four months over 5,000 new hunters have been certified in hunter safety.

Hunter Ed Course is priced at $13, almost half the cost of the other online hunter education options.  Hunters are realizing that when reviewing the online hunter education course offerings, that a $13 purchase of Hunter Ed Course can provide them significant savings that can be used towards the purchase of their first hunting license or ammunition for their first hunt.

Hunter Ed Course provides a state-approved hunters safety course with high quality hunter safety training that meets the standards of the International Hunters Ed Association (IHEA-USA).  Hunter Ed Course is approved in many of the major hunting states.  See if your state is approved at

With the online hunter education course being IHEA-USA compliant, when you are trained with any of the approved states’ hunter safety course, you earn a Hunter Education Card that is then recognized in all 50 states and provinces.  This means that if you gain your hunter safety training in Texas, Virginia or any of the other states that Hunter Ed Course is approved in, you can hunt in Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, or any of the other states with great whitetail deer, elk, turkey or other game you may be hunting.

In addition to the low cost with quality hunters safety training, Hunter Ed Course provides for easy learning with narration, closed captioning, photos, animations and interactive exercises.  Hunter Ed Course is unique in featuring photos to illustrate the course as opposed to watercolor illustrations you find with the other options.  Studies show that learning retention is higher with photos as opposed to watercolor illustrations.  With a photo you see what you see in the field so the realism provides for increased hunter safety.

After taking the five-hour online hunter education, a user takes the exam to certify completing the classroom portion of online hunter education.  As you take the exam you are able to see which questions you got right and which you got wrong as you submit your answers.  With Hunter Ed Course you can take the exam and if you decide you want to take the exam again for a higher score, you can take it as many times as you want to pursue that high score.

Upon course and exam completion, you print a completion certificate or in the case of Texas or Virginia, you print your temporary hunter education card.  For those states requiring a field skills day you then take your completion certificate to the hunter safety field day to complete your hunter safety training and earning your hunter education card.

Hunter Ed Course is available at

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