Now is the Time for a Hunters Safety Course for Texas Turkey Hunting

What better way to start your new hunter on their first hunt than with a Texas Turkey hunt. But, the new hunter needs to be ready for that first day in the field with their Texas hunter education card.

The 2014 Texas turkey season starts as early as March 15 in the south zone, but really gets underway on March 29 in the North Zone, then on April 15 for the Eastern Turkey in 28 counties. You should refer to the Texas Parks & Wildlife website for specifics on the season for the county you’ll be hunting.

When turkey season opens, but sure you are ready with hunter education certification.

Take an online hunters safety course now for turkey season.

Texas Parks & Wildlife requires that all hunters born on or after September 2, 1971 must complete a hunter education. A new hunter can take either a classroom hunter education course or an online hunters safety course as approved by Texas Parks & Wildlife.

If the hunter is 17 years of age or older, they can take the new Complete Online Certification Hunter Education Course that requires no field day. This is new to Texas and makes it quick and convenient for a new hunter to become hunter education certified. the new hunter just needs to take the Texas Online Hunter Education Complete Certification course.

Hunter Ed Course offers the Texas Complete Certification Course for Hunter Education training for only $18 at this a savings of over $10 from the other offerings. Hunter Ed Course is an official online hunters safety course as required by Texas Parks & Wildlife and uses easy and fun teaching methods incorporating interactive animations. A new hunter gets the same Texas required hunter education, but saves over $10.

If the new hunter is younger than 17, then it is required that they take Hunter Safety Training plus attend a field day to demonstrate their gun handling skills. Hunter ed Course also offers an online hunters safety course for hunters under 17 at The under-17 online hunter education course is only $13, almost half the cost of the other offerings. The Hunter Ed Course online hunters safety training is designed for a 6.5 grade learning comprehension level, ideal for the youngest of hunters.

Don’t wait for opening day to think about hunter education, take your hunters safety course now so you’re ready for opening day of Texas Spring Turkey hunting.

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Jim Moore is the founder of, the leading provider of online hunter education as required in all 50 states for new hunters. Prior to Hunter Ed Course, JIm was CEO of Remington Outdoor.

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