NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum

The NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum held their second annual luncheon after last year’s kick-off at the NRA Show.

Wayne Sheets, of NRA at NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum

Wayne Sheets Welcoming NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum attendees.

Hunter Ed Course was invited to attend the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum. Other attendees included industry leadership and individuals who are passionate about hunting and want to support NRA Hunters’ efforts.

Hunter Ed Course shared the table with such distinguished individuals as Michael Fifer, CEO of Ruger, Ed Carter, Executive Director of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Bryan Tucker, CEO of Davidson’s and Jeffrey Buchanan, Chief Financial Officer of Smith & Wesson.

The NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum luncheon kicked off with Wayne Sheets, Executive Director of the NRA Foundation and originator of the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum welcoming the attendees.

The NRA currently has 5 million members of whom 3.5 million of them are hunters, but as Sheets stated, the NRA is just not recognized for its contribution to hunting. Hunting leadership has traditionally been handled through NRA pro-gun activities, but that now has to change. PETA and other anti-hunting organizations are now trying to influence American culture by demonizing hunters.

The key mission of the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum is to communicate the importance of hunting to conservation and to publically defend the sport and heritage of hunting.

Wayne LaPierre, Executive Director of the NRA, related a story about attending the Ringling Brothers Circus and their messaging as a result of their removing elephants from the circus. The message communicated by Ringling Brothers is to save animals by stopping hunting. Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth. As Wayne LaPierre said “Elephants lead to deer” and we must take the fight to the culture of America.

Jim Porter, President of the NRA reinforced the message with the thought from Aldo Leopold: “A hunter with a gun in his hand is the best conservationist.”

Governor Scott Walker supporting NRA Hunters'

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a potential Presidential candidate was a surprise speaker reiterating his involvement in hunting and the importance of hunting to the state of Wisconsin.

The Cabela family was recognized with the first Distinguished NRA Hunters’ Leadership Award. Mary Cabela and Jim Cabela were in attendance to accept the awards.

The closing speaker was Richard Childress, owner of Richard Childress Racing and a passionate hunter. Richard’s key thought: “Without the 2nd Amendment there would be no hunting, shooting sports or self defense.” We have the NRA and its membership to thank for this.

Richard Childress, Childress Racing supporting NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum

Richard Childress


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