Utah Online Hunter Safety Course Gains Utah DWR Approval

Hunter Ed Course has received approval by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to be an official Utah online hunter safety course option for the state of Utah.  This provides Utah hunters with the option to take their hunter education online so they can study and learn at their convenience.

Hunter Ed Course is approved for the Utah Hunter Education requirement.

Utah Hunter Education Requirement is now met by Hunter Ed Course.

Upon completion of Hunter Ed Course’s Utah online hunter safety course and the Utah DWR field day, the learner will earn a hunter education card that meets the hunting license requirement for hunter education. All hunters born on or after December 31, 1965 are required to complete hunter education as a hunting license requirement.

Utah DWR conducted an extensive review of Hunter Ed Course online hunter education to ensure it meets the guidelines to produce safe and ethical hunters.  Other Utah online hunter safety course options are available, but Hunter Ed Course provides Utah hunters with the lowest cost narrated online hunter education course at only $13.  The website, www.HunterEdCourse/state/Utah provides information on the requirements for the Utah hunting license requirement and allows the visitor to purchase the course.

Unique to Hunter Ed Course is the use of photos instead of watercolor illustrations or cartoons that the other options use.  The use of photos replicate what the hunter will actually see in the field creating a safer hunter.  The learning process is easy and comprehensive since the hunter safety course uses narration, closed captioning, and interactive exercises so the learner is able to hear, read, see and interact with the content.

Upon completion of  online hunter education, the learner prints a completion certificate from Hunter Ed Course’s personalized dashboard for the student to present to the hunter education instructor at the field day.  The field day is scheduled with Utah DWR to demonstrate their understanding of hunting rules and regulations and demonstrate safe gun handling skills.  After completion of both the online hunter safety course and field day, the new hunter earns their hunter education card to meet their hunting license requirement for hunter education.

Hunter Safety Course

Hunter Ed Course

The Utah hunter education card from Hunter Ed Course meets the requirements of the IHEA-USA guidelines and is recognized in all US states and Canadian provinces for the hunter education requirement.

Utah online hunter education is available at www.HunterEdCourse.com/state/Utah for only $13.

About Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course is committed to ensuring the lifestyle and heritage of hunting in America through easier access to the sport with  low cost online hunter education.  Hunter Ed Course fulfills its mission by offering the lowest cost narrated  online hunter safety course that is state-approved for only $13 at www.HunterEdCourse.com.

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