Safe Oregon Hunters Registered Automatically with Fish & Wildlife

Oregon hunters now have an adult complete online hunter safety course (no field day required) available at for only $15 plus a Oregon DFW fee of $10.

Oregon hunters can complete their hunter education without the need for a field day,and then are able to hunt immediately or apply for their out-of-state hunting license.

Oregon online hunter safety course

The exclusive Hunter Ed Course Data Automation System™ provides a customized system and process to improve the convenience for experienced Oregon hunters who need hunter education certification for out-of-state hunts. The only requirement is that Oregon hunters must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for this complete online hunter safety course.

The Data Automation System™ provides a custom data interface to meet Oregon hunter safety course requirements with a temporary card and hunter education number. A custom solution was provided to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to facilitate data transfer and data reporting.

The new Oregon hunter safety course required providing students who have completed the course with a customized temporary hunter education card unique to Oregon, including a custom numbering system. Specific data on each student including the numbering then needs to be transferred within 24 hours to Oregon DFW for processing so they can have the student in the system and send them a permanent hunter education card.

Hunter Ed Course is committed to RECRUITING and EDUCATING NEW HUNTERS – ONE AT A TIME by providing an affordable, high quality hunter safety course.

Oregon Hunter Ed Course is the most affordable option available for Oregon hunters at $25. This price includes an Oregon DFW $10 fee for processing and handling the complete online registration.

This new Oregon Hunter Ed Course option features all the unique innovations of including:

  • Most affordable price so training is not a barrier
  • Easy Learning System™ consisting of:
  • Use of photos to illustrate the learning concepts
  • Narration that matches the written word
  • Animations and Interactive exercises
  • Learn While You Test™ that prompts the user to where the information is in the course if they submit an incorrect answer
  • Customized content to meet state needs

To purchase the new Adult Oregon Hunter Safety Course online go to and start learning today.

Hutner Ed Course provides online hunter safety course

Get a Hunter Safety Course online at

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