Spring Turkey Hunting Tips for a Safe Hunt

spring turkey hunting safety tips

Take an online hunters safety course now for turkey season.

Spring turkey hunting is the second biggest hunting time of the year after the fall deer-hunting season.

It has now been several months since hunters have been in the field so it is helpful to remember the rules of safety as taught in the HunterEdCourse.com hunter safety course.






Remembering ACTT for spring turkey hunting is more important than ever.spring turkey hunting tips for safety

  • Assume every gun is loaded. At first sight of a firearm, a person might want to reach for it, pick it up and point it at something.

Spring turkey hunting tip #1: personally visually and physically inspect the chamber of the shotgun to be sure there are now shells in the firearm.

  • Control the muzzle. Point the gun in a safe direction.

Spring turkey hunting tip #2: Be aware of the surroundings and always point your gun in a safe direction. If the gun should go off accidently it will destroy what the muzzle is pointed at. Never point a firearm at yourself or others.

  • Trigger Finger. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

Spring turkey hunting tip #3: The trigger guard on a shotgun has a very important purpose: to help prevent unintended firing of the gun. When handling a firearm, keep your finger out of the trigger guard. When holding a firearm, rest the index finger on the edge of the trigger guard, or on the frame immediately above the trigger guard.

  • ┬áTarget. Be sure of your target and what lies beyond.

Spring turkey hunting tip #4: To confirm the target and what is beyond is very important in spring turkey hunting. All hunters are in full camouflage and reacting to the gobble of the turkey. Positively identify the target and know what lies in front of and beyond it. Never shoot at movement, sounds or colors. Identify it is a real turkey before firing.

Spring turkey hunting tip #5: Safe Zone of Fire. Turkey hunting is normally with a group of hunters, be sure as you spread out you establish a safe zone of fire. Understand how your shot will spread and travel as each hunter picks their position to call in the turkeys and take aim. Be clear who is shooting first and which direction their muzzle will be pointing.

All these hunting safety tips are included in the state-required hunter safety course. HunterEdCourse.com provides an online course that allows a student to study at his or her own convenience, wherever there is an Internet connection. The course automatically saves the progress so a student can stop the course and start again as their schedule allows. At $13, the course is almost half the price of the other online offerings and is available at www.HunterEdCourse.com.

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