Spring Turkeys – The Ideal First Hunt After Hunter Education

A good way to get a new hunter started in the sport of hunting is with a Spring turkey hunt. A turkey hunt requires a minimum of gear and preparation. Today’s online hunter safety courses that are available from companies such as HunterEdCourse.com can get a new hunter ready to go quickly and easily.

When turkey season opens, but sure you are ready with hunter education certification.

Take an online hunters safety course now for turkey season.

Here are five tips to get your new hunter ready for their first turkey hunt.
1. Hunter Safety Course: It is important and in most states, legally required, that a new hunter takes hunter education that includes a hunter safety course and hunter education about wildlife and conservation.

2. Gun and Ammo: Turkeys are tough birds so be sure you have “enough gun” to do the job. Most turkey hunting is done with a 12-gauge shotgun iwth 2 3/4″ shells with a full choke. Other options include 3″ shells and extra full chokes. Be sure to check that your ammo is correct for your firearm. As is taught in hunter education, check the barrel stamp to be sure the ammunition you are using is stamped on the barrel as being safe for that firearm. A 20-gauge shotgun can also be used, but make sure the gobbler is well within the range of 20-35 yards to drop the bird.

3. Camouflage Needs: Your new hunter education graduate will need to outfit themselves from head to toe in camouflage. Turkeys have sharp eyesight so you wan to cover all exposed skin and any glints that may appear off your shotgun. Your camouflage needs include a hat, facemask, jacket, and/or shirt, pants, socks and boots. Don’t make the mistake of wearing your regular white socks and then have them spook the birds as you sit down and expose your big white ankles.

4. Practice: Take your new hunter education graduate to the range to practice shooting the shotgun and feeling the recoil. They need to learn to hold that gun rock solid while staring down the gobbler coming in range. Use on of the turkey head targets so they can learn about patterning their shotgun while practicing aiming for a turkey head and neck shot.

5. License and Tags: Make sure everyone in the hunting party understands the laws and regulations for turkey hunting in your state. And, make sure you buy the right license. Most states required the hunter to carry their hunter education card so make sure the hunter safety course is complete and the card is readily available to show when purchasing your license or showing to the game warden if they should stop you while on your hunt.

There is nothing more exciting than calling in that big gobbler and then having the new hunter squeeze the trigger and knocking it down. The joy and elation on the first time hunter’s face is one that is a memory for a lifetime.

About the Author
Jim Moore is the founder of Hunter Ed Course, the leading provider of online hunter education as required in all 50 states for new hunters.

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