Step One to Start Hunting: Take a Hunter Safety Course

Hunting can provide a wonderful means to enjoy the outdoors.  The first step for a new hunter is to take a state-required hunter education course.  It will help to make the new hunter a knowledgeable and safe hunter.

State Requirements for Hunter Education.

In most US states and Canadian provinces, a first-time hunter is required to take state-approved hunter education training. This consists of attending a classroom hunter education class or taking an online hunter safety course, followed by a field day with a state-approved hunter education instructor to demonstrate hunting knowledge and gun handling skills, including a live fire exercise.

Some states now offer a full online hunter education with no field day required. offers a Complete Certification online course for Texas hunter education and Virginia hunter education requirements.  Texas hunter safety certification is available for students 17 years of age or older, while in Virginia you need to be a resident and 18 years of age or older.

The hunter education course includes lessons on hunter safety training, legal hunting and responsible hunting practices.

Online Hunter Education as an Option

Online hunter education training is the newest form of hunter education training that is available to meet state requirements of hunter education.  Hunter Ed Course is one such company providing a hunter safety course online so you can study when and where it is convenient for you.

The Hunter Ed Course online training has narration, closed captioning, photos and interactive animations so the learner is able to hear, read, see and interact with the content.  Unique to Hunter Ed Course is the use of photos that replicate what a hunter will actually see in the field, creating a safer hunter.

After Hunter Ed Course Completion:  Attending the Field Day

Hunter Safety Course Field DayFor those states requiring a field day, it is suggested you sign up for it prior to taking the online course so you are sure a session will be available.  Many states now have online sign-ups available through the state fish and game agency website.

To prepare for the field day, complete the online hunter safety course and then print your completion certificate.  Take this completion certificate to the field day as proof of course completion.

Hunter Education Certification is Recognized in Every State

The online Hunter Ed Course must meet state requirements for hunter education and meet the standards set by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA).  Upon completing the entire course, a new hunter earns a hunter education card that allows them to be certified to hunt in all US states and Canadian provinces.  A hunter only needs to take hunter education once in their lifetime.

To check if Hunter Ed Course is approved for your state, go to the home page of this site:  At only $13, Hunter Ed Course is the lowest priced narrated Internet course available and will be the best value you’ll find to help you get started.

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