Turkey Hunting Tips | First Time Hunting Series

Turkey hunting tips are useful for the experienced turkey hunter and the first-time turkey hunter.

An online hunter safety course will prepare a new hunter for a safe hunt, but a new hunter also needs to understand how to prepare themselves and their gear for that day in the field.

This new turkey hunter just completed their online huters safety course.

Father and son on the first Spring Turkey hunt.

Ten Turkey Hunting Tips from HunterEdCourse.com

  1. Do Your Homework:  Think about the day, ask yourself some questions in preparation for the hunt and review these turkey hunting tips.  Information you’ll need for a safe and legal hunt includes: what licenses are needed, review hunter safety course training, understand where the markers are for the property lines and where are the turkeys moving and roosting on this property. Search out an experienced hunter in the area for the information they can provide.
  • Scout the Property: In the days leading up to the opening for Turkey hunting season, use the time to walk the property and study the movement of the birds, but be careful and don’t pressure the birds before the hunt begins, but be sure you know where you are going and where the birds are.
  • Prep Your Gun:  Check out your gun, make sure it is clean, pattern the shot and get your ammunition.  In today’s market, ammunition is hard to find, make sure you buy it well ahead of opening day.
  • Camo Up:  Make sure you have and can find all your camouflage gear.  With turkeys, you need everything covered.  They’re smart, wily birds that can be spooked by the smallest glint light from your skin or gun.
  • Practice Your Calls:  It has probably been six months to a year since you were turkey calling, Get your calls out and practice.  And try them all, and maybe buy a new one or two.  Part of the fun of hunting is also buying and trying new gear.
  • Load Your Vest:  A turkey vest is made to carry.  You’ll need a variety of calls, so use all the pockets to load them with your calls.  Be a Boy Scout and be prepared.
  • Take a Hunter Safety Course:  If you are new or you have a new hunter, be sure to have them take their hunter safety course training.  You can take the hunter education course online now at www.HunteEdCourse.com. Taking the course online will save you time and provide the convenience of taking the course in your own home.
  • Buy Your License:  Don’t wait till opening day; you can buy your license now.  You’ll also need to know the particulars of your license.  Many states require you to mark the date and location of the harvest and then attach the tag to the bird.  Be clear on the laws before opening day and have what you need to comply.
  • Join NWTF:  Join National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) so you can find out more tips and give back to the sport.  NWTF has done a great job of restoring the turkey population, but now it is important to manage the birds properly for future generations to enjoy their own spring turkey hunting.
  • Have Fun:  Most importantly, enjoy the outdoors whether you get your bird or not.  It is just great to be outside walking and viewing the wildlife.

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